Storage and Concierge


Storage and Concierge Services

VAULT offers premium concierge services to include regular fluid level, battery, and tire pressure inspections to ensure your motorcar remains in peak condition.

For one car or an entire car collection, vault offers superior service, security and protection for your prized possession.

At vault it's all about convenience, simply call in advance so our team of professionals can have your vehicle ready for your arrival.

Many of our clients do not live in or around San Antonio, often storing cars while visiting for business or pleasure. Centrally located near the airport allows for Convenient valet services to meet your needs.

A few tips before bringing your car to the vault, leave the convertible top up, this will prevent creases from forming while folded down for extended periods of time. We offer additional service to ensure your car is detailed inside and out before its extended stay with us at the vault. Details to include basic hand wash to a full concours preparation. We will ensure that all fluids are topped of including the fuel tank. This will prevent condensation from building up due to the air above the fluid surface. We stock a line of upper engine lubricants to keep pistons and rings from seizing during extended stays. Last but not lease your tires will be over inflated to prevent flat spots from forming, we also offer premium tire cradles to ensure the tire maintains shape. A premium battery tender is connected to also ensure the life of the battery.

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